Transform Your 9-5 Routine into a Thriving Creator Business

Unlock Your Freedom and Create Your Own Path to Profits

Because There's More to Life Than Living Out Your Days in an Office 

Are you tired of the daily grind? Do you dream of breaking free from the monotony of your 9-5 job and creating a life of flexibility and financial independence?

Life is too short to chase weekends and vacations that never last long enough. Life is too short to live off of controlled paychecks and selling your soul to someone else's dream.

You want to build a life with more freedom. You know other people are doing it. Instagram shoves them in our faces every 3rd post. But the jury seems to still be out on whether or not YOU could pull something like this off. There's those people and then you.

But imagine waking up each morning excited to work on your own terms, from anywhere in the world. That excitement, my friend, has the power to change your life.

It's Time to Banish the Sunday Blues Forever

Imagine waking up each morning to sunlight streaming through your window, knowing that today is another day of living life on your terms.

You sip your morning coffee in peace while you cruise through a few emails with sales notifications that came in overnight. 🎉

Instead of rushing to beat the morning traffic, you stroll over to your cozy home office (or your couch - whatever floats your boat). With a smile and a sense of purpose and excitement, you dive into your work, knowing that:

  • every idea that you have,
  • every piece of content you create,
  • and every connection you make...

Brings you closer to your dreams.

Becoming a content creator isn't just a hobby or a side project – it's a thriving online business that generates passive income while allowing you to express your creativity, share your expertise, and make a meaningful impact on your audience.

Whether you're passionate about travel, fashion, personal development, cooking, video games, or basket weaving, your website is your place to invest in your little slice of internet real estate. 🏡

But the best part?

You have the freedom to run your business on your own terms.

No more asking for permission to take time off or feeling guilty for prioritizing your passions. You set your own schedule, work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and have the flexibility to balance work and life in a way that suits you best. The possibilities are endless, and as someone who has earned more than $100,000 in a single month from my blog, let me tell you that the sky is the limit.

With the right guidance, support, and determination, you can start a profitable online business that transforms your life in ways you never thought possible.

Are you ready to make it happen?

What's Holding You Back?  

Let's be real. Transitioning from a traditional 9-5 job to running a successful online creator business isn't without its challenges.

You may be overwhelmed by where to start or lack the technical know-how to build and launch a website. Maybe you're worried about how to attract an audience or monetize your content effectively. And let's not forget the fear of failure or the uncertainty of leaving behind the security of a steady paycheck.

It doesn't matter how much desire you have for change. The doubt and uncertainty are real. Do any of these thoughts ring true for you?

influencer woman standing in front of the camera

The market is already too saturated with creators.

Everyone and their grandmother is already creating and influencing and perhaps doing it better. You may worry that your voice will get lost in the noise, making it difficult to stand out and attract an audience.

woman laying on the ground feeling overwhelmed

I don't see how I could make time for this.

You may be juggling a demanding 9-5 job, family responsibilities, and other commitments, leaving little time to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Adding another project to your plate seems overwhelming.

man coding on a computer
I don't even know where I would start.

The idea of building a website from scratch can be daunting. That aside, there are various types of content you can create, building an audience of people who actually care, and then the money???

Building a Profitable Online Business is All in the Execution

number 1 icon

Launch your creator business in just 1 month.

No shortcuts here. It's just about knowing what's important and what to focus on in the beginning.

number 2 icon

Create content that matters for people who care.

There is a space and audience for everyone. They're out there waiting for you to create something great.

number 3 icon

Earn an income by providing helpful solutions.

Making money doesn’t have to feel weird. You can be yourself and sell honestly and transparently.

Meet Maia, Part-Time Blogger Earning Over $2,000/Month

Maia started with Launch Your Blog Biz and took all of our courses to start and grow her creator business to earn between $2,000 - $7,000/month - all while still working at her other job part-time!

Start, Launch, and Grow a Creator Business to $1,000+/Month

Launch Your Blog Biz course image

You'll Get 12 Jam-Packed Modules of Strategies!

Module 1: Set Your Mind Up For Success

In this module, you'll learn how to start getting your mind right about this process, including goal-setting and beating the ever-present imposter syndrome.

Module 2: Ideas and Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. One of the biggest reasons some people don't succeed is that they don't start out with a plan and structured approach.

Module 3: Blog and Website Setup

Navigate the ins and outs of WordPress and build your first website in just a month! Name, niche, hosting, tutorials, etc.

Module 4: Website Pages and Blog Design

Design a simple and professional website in a fraction of the time with a customizable, beginner-friendly theme.

Module 5: Blog Content Strategy

We'll teach you about how to create SEO-optimized articles for your blog and how to attract the right kind of visitors that stay, subscribe, and buy from you!

Module 6: Email Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create a great opt-in, start building your email list, make meaningful connections with your audience, and turn all of this into your first sales funnel!

Module 7: Monetize Your Content

Learn how to start making your first $1,000/month as a creator through ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and more.

Module 8: Affiliate Marketing

Learn how you can start earning a significant amount of money with your blog without ever creating your own products or services! You can sell other people's instead!

Module 9: Google SEO Traffic Strategy

Organic search traffic is considered the cream of the crop for bloggers and it's actually something we neglected in the beginning. We'll set you up for SEO success!

Module 10: Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is a great platform for creators to get started on with new blogs because it's less competitive than other platforms. 

Module 11: YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a great platform to help you build better relationships and connections with your students, and we'll show you how to get set up for success!

Module 12: Set Up a Podcast

Finally, podcasting is another great marketing platform for your content. We'll share our best tips and plans for success when starting a podcast.

How Does an Extra $500+ in Bonuses Sound!?

We all love bonuses! If you grab the course today, you'll get these awesome bonuses FREE:

80+ Custom AI Prompts ($197 Value)

If you're not using AI in your business yet, you're leaving a lot of time and money on the table. 

We've taken the work out of AI prompt engineering for you and created a list of prompts for every phase of your journey:

Ideas and Planning, Content Strategy, Email Marketing, and Monetization

Trust Funnel Sales Template ($297 Value)

Not only will this help you write your first welcome sequence that will help you build relationships with your audience... But we've also provided the follow-up emails to turn this into a full sales sequence!

These are the exact templates that we have used in multiple online businesses. Our students claim that this template alone is worth the price of the course alone to generate sales!

Community Support Group ($47/Month Value)

No matter what course you take, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for launching an online business. Everyone's strategy will look a bit different.

That's why we offer access to our community support group so that you can post questions and get feedback and accountability!

Plus, you'll get lifetime access to the course + all future updates!

The online business world is constantly changing. As algorithms change and we update our strategies, we continue to update all of our courses! You will always get access to these updates right within the course!

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"I now have a scaling freelance content writing business generating $1,500+/month and an exciting blogging job paying me $5,000/month with sweet benefits.

Alex and Lauren’s Create and Go courses were pivotal to my transformation."

- Chris (Queens, NY)

"I came from the standpoint of being completely in debt, not having any money, and having to find good value. I thought your course was one of the strongest value courses out there.

It completely changed the way I thought about email marketing and funnels."

- Debbie (New York)

"This course is very extensive! It covers everything you could possibly need to get started and they break it down into easy-to-follow steps."

- Heather (Columbus, OH)

money back guarantee

With a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee, There's No Reason Not to Try It!

We want this to be a good fit for you. We also know that we can't please everyone, even when we try our damnedest.

So here's the deal... Just give it a try risk-free.

If you don't like it for any reason or just feel that it isn't right for you, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase. We want you to be happy and have warm fuzzies about your decision.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a blog to be a content creator?

There are a lot of different types of creators: YouTubers, podcasters, influencers on TikTok and/or Instagram, etc. You don't need a blog to be successful as a content creator, but you do need a website.

It's the foundation of what you're building and it's ultimately where people will go to learn more about what you offer. It's where you list your products and offers and it's also where you can earn a lot more money. 

You don't own the algorithms that connect you with others, but you do own your website and the products that you create!

question icon

Can I find this information for free online?

There is certainly a lot of free information on the internet, but free info is generally fragmented and/or outdated.

Content creators generally only scratch the surface with their free content. They keep their best secrets and strategies in the paid content they share with subscribers and customers. It's how they earn a living.

This course is the culmination of all of the strategies that we have learned over the years and it's updated regularly with what strategies we currently experiment with in our business!

What if I don't really have time...?

No problem! Most of our students are working full-time jobs and looking for a way out that will free up more of their time.

We've got some awesome AI prompts to help you through this entire journey to take some of the idea generation and work off of your plate. Work smarter - not harder.

You can do this whether you've got a full-time job, full-time kids, or just general life shit going on!

question icon

What if I don't have a website or even an idea of what I want to do yet?

No problem! Coming up with a good idea is often one of the hardest parts and your niche really matters here.

Whether you're in the early stages or haven't even started, we'll walk you through the steps to getting your website set up, launched, and more!

We've got you covered here!

question icon

How often do you update the course?

We update the course as often as necessary! It's generally updated at least once a year. Sometimes a few lessons are updated and sometimes we update the ENTIRE course!

This course has been updated completely from scratch at least 3 times since it was created. We still run our online businesses and update this course as we test out new strategies and start new projects in our own businesses!

How much time will I have to dedicate to this to succeed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here, but we've designed this course to be doable in even just an hour a day.

We have found that when setting up our own online businesses, we genuinely enjoy the process and WANT to work as much as possible. It's fun and it's rewarding work!

The more time you dedicate to it, the faster you will succeed, so this part is really up to you!

question icon

Will I need to purchase anything else?

The only real expense we highly recommend is a good hosting company. Your website is the foundation for your entire creator business, so this one is really important. Bluehost is our favorite, low-cost recommendation for hosting!

For every other software that we recommend in the course, there are free plans or free alternatives that you can choose from!

How much support will I get?

As much as you need! You'll get access to a community support group with this course where you can ask any questions that arise and also get feedback from our team and other students!

This isn't a journey you have to do alone and we want to help you succeed in any way that we can!

question icon

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Absolutely! We want this to be a good fit for you! If you aren't satisfied or feel that this isn’t right for you, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase - no questions asked!

This means that you can try the course absolutely risk-free! We want you to have warm fuzzies about your decision!

Take a Peek At Everything You'll Get!

  Introduction and Course Objectives
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Set Your Mind Up For Success
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Ideas and Planning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Blog and Website Setup
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Blog Design
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Blog Content Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Monetize Your Blog
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Affiliate Marketing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Google SEO
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Next Steps and Other Resources
Available in days
days after you enroll

It's Your Turn to Step Up to the Plate, My Friend

We started out just like you. Lauren, a freshly minted CPA working for a small accounting firm in Dallas. Noah, an overworked EMT desperate for a way out.

But it hasn't always been the easiest journey. Failed webinars, failed products, and even failed websites. 

But despite that, we still managed to make our first $172.82. While it wasn't much, it was proof that we could do this. We just needed to learn how to make more.

From there, we turned the first $172.82 into $1,000. Then $4,000. Then $10,000. Finally, we managed to earn $100,000 in our first year.

create and go team
Over 17,000 Students 

We have helped over 17,000 students become content creators and start their own online businesses.

Earning $10,000+/Month

We have students who have reached success levels of $10k, $20k, and even over $70k/month in blog earnings! 

8 Years of Experience

We've been starting and growing blogs since 2015 and constantly update our courses with what's working right NOW.

"Their Basic Trust Funnel Email Template is worth the price of the whole course."

"I'm finally experiencing what it feels like to make money while I sleep."

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Who is this course for?

Anyone Who Wants a Path to Make Money as a Content Creator

Whether you already have an idea you want to run with or you need some help figuring it all out, this course will help you do everything from: choosing your idea, setting up your website, creating a content strategy, building your email list, and monetizing your content!

Anyone with the Motivation and Desire for Change and Willing to Put in the Work

We’ve taught everyone from busy professionals to moms with 3 kids. Everyone has their own sh*t going on. You CAN make this work, even if you're super busy, as long as you're motivated. We'll teach you exactly what to focus on and when to focus on it to beat the overwhelm.

Who is this course NOT for?

Experienced Biz Owners Looking to Make Extra Money

This course is focused on new and soon-to-be creators, but we have other courses that are better suited if you have some experience already. Consider SEO Blueprint for Bloggers or Mastering Pinterest Marketing if you're interested in getting more traffic and Six-Figure Course Creator if you're ready to scale your income by creating your own products and building sales funnels.

Slackers, Hand-Holders, and People Not Willing to Dive in Deep

This course requires work. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn how to be a problem solver. In our courses, we teach you the strategies and give you guidance on how to implement the strategies. But we'll also teach you how to be resourceful and deal with problems as they arise -- so you can run your business on your OWN!

Lauren, mother of two, launched her website in 3 days!

"I wasted a ton of time trying to figure it out on my own... You need this course! It's really really helpful. Both you and Lauren are super to easy to understand and follow."

"This course cut my learning curve in half, literally."

"If you are still wondering if you should invest money in this course... It was worth EVERY CENT AND MORE."

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