Course Roadmap

Not sure which blogging course is right for you? This roadmap will help you decide!


Feeling a little confused about which course you should start with?

Let's clear that up for you!

Have you started a blog yet?

NO: You have two options here: Launch Your Blog Biz or the Pro Blogger Bundle.

Launch Your Blog Biz is the first and most beginner course that we offer. This course will teach you everything you need to know about getting started, including how to navigate WordPress, design your blog with a theme, write your first few blog posts, set up your email list, start getting visitors and traffic to your blog, and start making your first $1,000+ with your blog!

The Pro Blogger Bundle is a bundle of ALL 4 blogging courses that we offer -- at a major discount. This is truly the best place to start, because you will get access to EVERYTHING. You can go at your own pace and we still recommend going through the courses in the right order. Our most successful students are generally the ones that have purchased the bundle.

YES: Move on to the next question!


Have you started driving traffic to your blog yet?

NO: Launch Your Blog Biz -- This course will teach you how to start getting visitors to your blog and how to begin monetizing it using affiliate marketing and other awesomesauce strategies.

YES: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche OR SEO Blueprint for Bloggers -- These courses are both about driving traffic to your blog. You can choose your poison: Pinterest or SEO. We generally think Pinterest is the better place to start because you will usually be able to get traffic a bit quicker (Google SEO takes a while), but Google traffic is equally important and generally a better source of traffic.

These two traffic courses include everything from how to get started to our most advanced strategies for driving tons of free traffic to your blog.


Have you started monetizing your blog yet?

NO: Six-Figure Blogger – This course will help you get started with affiliate marketing and selling affiliate products with your email list. It will also teach you how to create your own digital products and service (eBooks and courses) when the time is right – and how to sell those products.

This is our most advanced course and is not recommended for those that haven't started driving traffic to their blog or begun building an email list. Please see above if you have not reached this level yet.

YES: Six-Figure BloggerThis is our most advanced monetization course and aside from creating your own products, it will teach you a lot about how to SELL those products -- via sales funnels, designing sales pages, and pre-sale content to help you SELL.

We've had tons of people tell us that the information on sales and marketing alone pays for the course price. So, even if you’ve got some experience selling products, the lessons on designing sales pages and marketing your products via email funnels should be able to help you scale your income!

Additional Info About the Courses

Launch Your Blog Biz

Launch Your Blog Biz was designed for new bloggers and is all about helping you learn WordPress, design your blog with a theme, write your first few blog posts, and more! After launching your blog, you will also learn how to begin getting visitors to your new blog and how to monetize it with affiliate marketing and other beginner strategies. It will also teach you how to begin growing your email list and selling affiliate products to your audience.

SEO Blueprint for Bloggers

SEO Blueprint for Bloggers will teach you how to drive traffic to your blog with Google! You will learn how to structure your blog posts the right way for better recognition with the Google algorithm, how to create content that will get you more Google traffic, and everything else you need to know about building a complete Google SEO strategy for your blog!

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is all about driving traffic to your blog with Pinterest! This course was made for bloggers and is NOT ideal for those with a purely eCommerce website. While it does have strategies that will help you with email collection, it's not about monetization at all. We have other courses for that!

Six-Figure Blogger will teach you how to start really scaling your income. It was designed for those that already have an audience and are ready to take their income or blog to the next level. This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to create and sell your own digital products and services (eBooks and online courses)!

Pro Blogger Bundle

The Pro Blogger Bundle is a bundle of ALL FOUR of the above blogging courses at a big discount! If you're ready to dive in with all of the information and know there is no turning back for you, the discount here will help you save some money along the way!


Still not sure? Please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you decide what's right for you!